Two Phase Make up Remover
This product belongs to the new generation of skin cleansers. It removes efficiently any make up and still  is very gentle on the skin,  leaves no oily feel. 






Calendula Gel-Soap
A very gentle soapless soap with a fresh fragrance. Its golden brown colour is due to the added natural extract of calendula with skin calming effect. The product maintains the natural 5.5 pH of the skin.



Hydrophylic Oil
A special water dispersible oil - a substitute for cleansing milks and tonics, contains alpha-bisabolol. Also effective as a make up remover and massage oil. 




Alcohol Free Cleansing Tonic
Very mild cleanser for the dry skin.  It is enriched with alpha-bisabolol with skin calming effect and maintains the natural 5.5 pH of the skin. 




All Skin Types Cleansing Milk
A mild cleansing emulsion enriched with vitamin E. Maintains the natural  pH (5.5) of the skin. 


Rose Camomile Tonic for Normal Skin
This tonic contains camomile extract and bisabolol for their anti-inflammatory and refreshing qualities. Alcohol content is 15% and pH = 5.5. 



Astringent Hamamelis Tonic for Oily Skin
The brown colour of this product is due to the presence of a concentrated extract of the hamamelis plant which has an effective astringent action on the skin. Alcohol content = 20%. pH = 5.5. 



Camphor Tonic for Oily Skin
Camphor is a crystalline etheric oil of the cinamonium camphora tree. It has a mild antiseptic effect, with a calming and refreshing action. This product is especially delicate when compared with other products of its kind as it contains only 10% alcohol and the camphor content does not exceed the desirable percentage. Camphor tonic is enriched with hamamelis extract and lactic acid. pH = 5.5. 


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