The warming action of the gel is based on the fact that hydrogen bonds release energy when they are formed. When the product is applied on the skin, the glycerol and other humectants create hydrogen bonds with the water in the skin and this generates an increase of the temperature on the skin surface. The powerful softening action of this gel facilitates deep cleansing of the skin and extraction of comedones. The gel contains lavender essential oil which is known for its soothing action, relaxing action and purifying action. The gel is oily free and suitable for all skin types.



This special preparation is a valuable tool for the beautician to use in the beginning of each treatment. It has a powerful moistening and softening effect on the skin preparing it for the various cosmetic treatments. It replaces the need of vapor machines.

The golden color of the product is due to the high contents of Calendula flower extract with softening and calming effect.







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