Probiotic Anti-aging Skin Care Approach

The skin microbiome or microflora is the collection of microorganisms that live on our skin: bacteria, fungi, viruses, and mites. The skin is the second most common body site for microorganisms next to the gut. Most of these microorganisms are harmless or even beneficial. Bacteria are by far the most common skin microorganisms.
The types and the concentration of the microorganisms in the various skin areas are determined by

the ecology of the skin surface. Bacterial species vary depending on the body site, which is classified as

one of three types: dry, moist, oily.

Although there are variations between individuals, skin microbial variation is more dependent on the

anatomical site than on the individual.
Different microorganisms on the skin are categorized according to how they affect us.

Commensals are “friendly” microbes that benefit from living on our skin, usually without causing any harm.

Mutualistic microorganisms are microbes that benefit from living on the skin and

benefit the human host in return.

Pathogens are disease-causing microbes.

Most microorganisms on the skin are commensals. These can prevent the colonization of other pathogenic microbes by using up the nutritional sources that those harmful microbes require to survive and by producing toxic substances that stop the pathogens from adhering to skin cells. New evidence suggests that commensal skin bacteria both directly protect humans from pathogenic invaders and help the immune system maintain

the delicate balance between effective protection and damaging inflammation.

Apparently, we do not need the bacteria to be alive for working on our skin. Scientific research indicates that

the beneficial properties of probiotic microorganisms are beyond their viability, inactivated microbes and their fractions are biologically active as well.
Biome-Calmine series contains effective concentrations of anti-aging probiotic and prebiotic active ingredients together with a special red alga extract with anti-wrinkle action:


ProRenew Complex:
Biotechnologically obtained from the probiotic lactic acid producing bacterium, Lactococcus lactis.

This ingredient is based on a probiotic anti-aging approach towards skin renewal and barrier function.

It induces the production of many key constituents essential for skin function and differentiation.

It Induces balanced skin renewal and desquamation and accelerates skin barrier recovery.

It increases the production of antimicrobial peptides by the skin cells

and supports the healthy ecosystem of the skin.

Ecoskin is a Pre/Probiotic complex comprising of three components:
α-glucooligosaccharides, nutritional fibers obtained by enzymatic synthesis from plant substrates.
Pure plant juice, rich in polyfructose, nutritional fibers obtained by cold pressure of yacon (Polymniasonchifolia) tubers.Yacon is one of the richest sources of polyfructose in the plant kingdom containing almost 67% inulin.
The third component of ecoskin are Lactobacilli probiotic bacteria (L. casei and L. acidophilus) inactivated and freeze-dried.

Ecoskin provides prebiotic action by supporting the growth of beneficial microorganisms and balancing the ecosystem of the skin. It provides probiotic action by stimulating the skin’s natural defense mechanism.

Clinical tests demonstrated smoothing effect, reduction in the depth of the skin furrows and

improvement in the texture of the skin.

Ocean sourced ingredients are a fusion of natural, sustainable, fascinating marine science and exploration

of an undiscovered world.
RenouMer has been developed from the nourishing cytoplasma of the newly characterized Breton red Algae Polysiphonia Elongata.

This species lives exposed to full light and has developed cell protection processes.

This cytoplasmic extract has the most extraordinary skin rejuvenation properties. It turns out that cytoplasmic components of these algae are highly effective in both counteracting photoaging, and in promoting collagen renewal, which supports skin firmness.
In clinical study, RenouMer(2%) shows a significant anti-wrinkle effect after 56 days of treatment.

Biome-Calmine Series includes five products:

Biome-CalmineMoisturizing Cream
Biome-Calmine Nourishing Cream
Biome-Calmine Serum
Biome-Calmine Black Mask
Biome-Calmine Mild Cleansing Gel







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